Wooden Window Installation

Accoya Pine Window Installation

Here at Archway Joinery, we have recently completed the installation of these stunning Accoya Pine windows, this installation has left our customer completely satisfied. Accoya Pine is a long life wood that has been through a rigid process to prevent rotting for 50 years, the Pine itself is tested for stability, durability, and paint retention to ensure excellent optimal performance. Using this wood which has been thoroughly tested ensures value for money and a high-quality finish that looks stunning for years to come, there’s no need to worry about having to replace the windows again in as little as 10 years time as they are designed and built to last. You can view some photos from the installation below and read more about the benefits and the process too.

Window Before
Accoya Window Installation - Archway Joinery



Benefits of Accoya Pine Window Installations

There are a number of benefits when it comes to the Accoya windows. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Natural insulation
  • Excellent quality
  • Natural beautiful wood
  • From sustainable sources
  • Retained strength

Whether you are looking to have windows replaced on commercial or domestic properties, with our years of experience and wealth of knowledge when it comes to wooden windows you can rest assured that Archway Joinery will provide you with the very best. You can also trust that all of the windows we install are fitted with secure multi-point locks and locking handles. To discuss your needs and requirements be sure to speak to the team at Archway Joinery, simply give us a call on 01525 404873.

The Reasons For Replacing Your Windows

When it comes to replacing your windows, there can be a whole host of reasons why people choose to update and replace the windows of a property. Some of the reasons why we replace windows for customers include:

  • Property Renovation – renovating an older property usually see’s complete window replacements, fully improving the exterior aesthetics of the property and adding value to the property
  • Age – older winders that are draughty are often replaced to improve the insulation of the property
  • Energy Efficiency – newer windows prove to be more energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • Safety – as an entry and exit point to your home windows that do not lock properly can affect the safety of your home, new windows have improved security features and modern locks that increase the safeness of your property
  • Noise Reduction – living near an airport, school or busy area can lead to high noise levels. Noise levels can easily be reduced by having your windows replaced with dual-pane or laminated glass windows

Don’t worry if you don’t see the reason for wanting to replace your windows here, they are just some of most popular reasons. No matter why you want to change your windows, be sure to speak to Archway Joinery to discuss your requirements.

Choosing Archway Joinery

Should you like the look of the Accoya Pine windows that we have recently installed, then be sure to speak to us about what we can do for you. We offer a wide range of joinery services and you can trust that we will never compromise the quality for time or price, so be sure to get in touch with us today. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Our team have years of experience when it comes to quality joinery work and takes great pride in providing high-quality finished work that you will love.