Wooden Door Installations

Archway Joinery have recently completed two more stunning door installations in the Bedfordshire area. Both of the wooden doors came with different requirements from the customer, but have resulted in equally amazing outcomes! Please take the time to look at the two doors we have completed. The results of both are incredible.

Bespoke Wooden Doors

Both of these wooden doors are made with hardwood timber from sustainable forestry, meaning they are extremely environmentally friendly and easy on the eye. The wooden doors and the glass within them are 24mm sealed units argon gas filled with low emission glass and with the individually selected choice of paint or stain finish from each client. In these two examples, the client which chose a grey finish to their wooden door opted for a plain glass, and the other client with the brown finish chose to have a stained finish on their glass. Both of which we believe have stunning results both with and without that little extra touch.

These wooden doors had a water based paint spray finish in their two chosen colours, which will last for 7-8 years. The spray we use here at Archway Joinery is kinder on the environment than a lot of other finishes found on the market (being solvent free) and offers long lasting incredible results! All of the work we complete is to an extremely high standard, and we feel it’s only right that we show our work off! We can also proudly say that these wooden door projects come with a 10 year guarantee, meaning you don’t have to worry about renewing or refurbishing your door for many years to come.

A lot of hard work and dedication is put into all of our joinery and carpentry projects to ensure the final outcome is one that is admired by all. Archway Joinery thrive on achieving complete customer satisfaction with our projects and this is all down to the high standard of work we produce.

Please feel free to call Archway Joinery today if you are interested in any of our services or would like to request any further information. Get in touch today on 01525 404 873 or browse throughout the rest of our website to check out more examples of our bespoke wooden doors. Thank you in advance!