‘Spot The Difference’ – Wooden Windows

Archway Joinery Ltd are always up for having fun, and would like to play a little game of ‘spot the difference’. We have recently completed a wooden windows project and think it would be fun to spot the difference with the before and after images.


The wooden windows we recently transformed are amazing lookalikes from the previous set of windows. The new window however, offers a safer and more secure type of window, even though at first glance you might think they are exactly the same. Ignoring the most obvious differences of the two images, like the men in the window or the angle which the image is taken, you can see the immense transformation it has gone through, whilst staying remarkably similar to the previous window.


The first photograph, shows a 100 year old original bay window, whilst the second is a hardwood, double glazed window lookalike of the previous. The new window is now up to the current regulation C rated for thermal value, with locking ironmongery that has been added for security. It’s hard to see just by looking at the two photographs just how much of an improvement this window has had, but the new edition now means more protection and security for both the home and those who reside inside. Stunning! The top level of windows are a lot more secure and are much easier to open, close and maintain. You will also notice the border underneath the first level of windows is much smoother and doesn’t stand out as much.


If you love this window transformation just as much as we do, be sure to give Archway Joinery Ltd a call. From here, you can enquire about having your own stunning windows installed just like the ones pictured above. We hope you love and appreciate this window replacement just as us! Please feel free to give us a call today for any further information on our window replacements and we will be more than happy to help. Give us a call today on 01525 404 873 or check out our website to browse through the rest of our services we provide. Thanks.