Sapele Hardwood Windows

Sapele Hardwood Windows

With another month almost completed, we’re looking forward to sharing one of our recent projects with you. This time, it has been an installation of Sapele hardwood painted white windows. These windows have made a huge difference to both the property and the owners. Having approached us to complete this installation to transform their current windows, we were really happy to take on the project. Please continue reading to find out how it went…

Details of the Project

The previous windows were white aluminium in an old existing sash sub frames. This for us, has been a brilliant project to take on and we were thrilled to be a part of updating the windows. With both the ground and first floor being worked with and improved, it has left a remarkable transformation on the entire property and is one that will last for many years. That said, here are some of the main details of the project:

  • Sapele hardwood windows
  • White 24mm windows
  • Sealed units
  • Argon gas filled
  • Low emisity glass
  • Lower panes are toughened for safety
  • Windows are fitted with brass furniture
  • Lock fasteners
  • Window restrictors
  • Environmentally friendly

If you’d like to find out more about this installation or are interested in having a window installation of your own, then be sure to contact our team. Upon doing so, we’ll be happy to discuss your options and provide more details on how we can help to transform your home for the better.

Outcome of Installation

Whilst finishing the windows on this project, a lovely lady from down the road came up to ask a question about the windows. Having had a conversation with her, I was able to explain more about the hardwood windows which lead to her asking for a business card. This was completely out the blue, so to hear her say ‘Congratulations on some lovely windows’ was really nice to hear and we hope to be back on this road soon to help this lady with her needs.

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