Renovating your Home

2019 Home ‘Must-Haves’


Your home is your sanctuary, but it can start to feel dull over time. Renovations, from the minor upgrades to major overhauls, bring fresh new looks for you to enjoy in your home. Redesigning a layout can make rooms more efficient and gives you an opportunity to embrace emerging trends of 2019 to keep your home looking current.

Fix Up Your Exterior

The outside of your home is just as important as the interior! A well-planned update increases property value and offers an aesthetic upgrade. Options include paint and siding, but don’t forget about brick refacing! All of these will be popular in 2019 with new profiles and colors to choose from. You can make your exterior the best on the block!
Choose timeless colors so this isn’t a fix you want to change by the end of the year. It can be a costly and time-consuming project, so you want to make the right choice the first time. A neutral palette will be popular in 2019, sure to match existing windows or shutters.
Another great 2019 trend will be to bring the indoors out! Make a patio feel like an extension of your home with cushions, rugs, and even an outdoor fire pit to make this homey and ready for the spring!

Update your Front Door

Although you use it nearly every day, your front entry may be a bit neglected. Change that this year with an upgrade! This adds to your property value by increasing its appeal from the street. Plus, replacing your entry doors is a great way to keep your home efficient. A good, properly installed door helps block the cold and keep your home running smoothly.

Replace your Old Windows

Energy efficiency is always popular, especially when it comes to your home improvements! This renovation can drastically increase your home value. Properly installed and sealed will help keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.
For 2019, trends come in modern styles and classic designs with an update. Think of windows with lattice but built with modern features like casements so you can get the classic look but modern convenience. You’ll have options to suit the style of your home, so everything blends together for the perfect exterior look.

Fire Features

Whether they are found indoors or outdoors, fireplaces and fire features are a definite must-have for 2019. These features can serve as a cosy nook or focal point for a large room or outside entertainment area. They can be composed of any fire-proof material, but brick has been the overwhelming choice for fireplaces for many centuries.

Loft Renovation

Turn the unused space in a loft into something useful! This adds to your property value, especially if you add a bedroom or two by converting this space. Lofts can also be great spaces to include a home office. Regardless of the purpose for this space, it’s sure to add welcome value for your home.
Warm neutral paint colours, sure to be a trend for 2019, will be welcome in your loft conversion. Choose a shade that will transform the loft into a cosy space, regardless of the intended purpose. Remember that a conversion allows you to incorporate modern technology, so consider energy efficiency with LED lighting to brighten up space.

Bold Kitchens

White will always be a classic choice, but colour is finally coming back to kitchens. More homeowners are choosing cabinets in alternative neutrals like black, cream, and grey, along with colourful options like green and blue. Also, popular? Wood cabinets in stains like warm chestnut and fruitwood.
Two-tone kitchen cabinets remain a homeowner favourite, as well. To incorporate this trend, try pairing darker lower cabinets with lighter upper cabinets or a colourful kitchen island with neutral-coloured perimeter cabinets.

Vintage Lighting

A trend that many will be shocked to see making its way back into the new year. The vintage lights we are expecting to see will be less exposed lighting and more of vintage pendants and sconces, in brass and copper finishes 2019 will be a year where trending designs come together in unison.


While the world of interiors has been dominated by minimalist Scandinavian design these past few years, we’re heading toward a return to more maximalist tendencies—all in a fresh and modern way. That’s not to say everyone will revert to a more traditional or classic style. Instead, we predict people will be more thoughtful about acquiring long-lasting pieces from different periods and styles to create interiors that are intrinsically unique.

After reading these ideas, you’re sure to have an idea of what to tackle in your own home. Whether it’s a big kitchen remodel or an exterior upgrade, the upcoming year will bring you great opportunities!
Armed with these ideas, you can make your 2019 truly spectacular. No matter which renovation catches your eye, you can introduce trends to make your home look fresh, modern, and completely up to date!