How to Know when to Replace your Wooden Windows

When it comes to wooden windows, with proper care they should have a long and trouble free life. However, no matter how well you look after your timber windows, there will come a time when a replacement will be needed, if your windows are starting to suffer from age, lack of maintenance or exposure to extreme weather, they could need replacing.


There may be some obvious signs that your wooden windows need replacing


  • Visibly rotten wood or peeling paint

Eventually wood will lose its ability to repel moisture and from that point, it will start to visible decay and paint will separate from the wood.

  • The openers (or sashes) on a window are sticking or no longer closing properly, then they may not open at all if moisture has caused the wood to swell dramatically.
  • Water is actually leaking through the windows.

The wood surrounding the glass or sealed units may have decayed to the point where water can find its way through to the inside.

  • Mould or mildew.

A build-up of mould around the corners or edges of your window is a sign that they are failing to keep the weather out.


Why you should replace tired wooden windows


  • If you are seeing signs that your windows are in need of replacement, they will also be affecting the energy performance of your entire house.
  • Central heating will be working harder to compensate for leaking heat and the moisture coming inside will create dampness around the window.
  • There’s even a potential security risk from having decayed windows, sealed units will become easier to remove if the softwood can be pushed back easily.
  • Sound insulation can also be compromised once windows are failing, stand by a window you suspect needs replacement and note how you can hear traffic or voices outside.


Replacement wooden windows from Archway Joinery

Here at Archway Joinery when it comes to wooden window replacements, we’ve got you covered, we specialise in providing high-quality replacement wooden windows and doors. We can assist with various designs and will ensure that they’re all manufactured to the highest specifications using the best timber. Treated to resist rot and mould and fend off the British weather, they’re manufactured from approved timber.

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