Home Design Trends 2018

A new season is here and with it comes a new style, we take a look at the key looks for interiors and exteriors which incorporates the latest design trends, wood!

Dark Woods

Known as the ‘Scandi trend’, short for Scandinavian, why this may seem like a style that’s been popular for a long time, it’s covered a range of woods including bleached shades and indiscreet furniture. This year the style is a lot bolder and will include dark oak, mahogany and textured walnut pieces.

Glam Wood

With furniture heading over to the dark side, the pale and bleached woods which were popular through the Scandi trend, will be replaced with darker woods which incorporate retro glamour and provide you with a modern luxe feel.

Wooden Furniture

Furniture has moved on a lot since being used as ‘utilitarian’, they’re comfort and aesthetics are not just as important as its use. Many of the latest designed are investing in trends which include locally sourced wood materials as a way to give back to the economy. Warm and earthy colours look great and stand out, as well as tan, rust and russet colour accents. The furniture styles are designed in a modern way but include a traditional twist.

Walnut and Mahogany

Timbers include walnut and mahogany can bring warmth to any room along with careful styling. They can fit into most decorating schemes if you use a deep tone as the focal point. You can try teamin dark wood furniture with classic 70s retro chairs or finish the room with bright accents and space and bring energy to the room.

Handcrafted Wooden Furniture

There’s a wide selection of firms who provide handcrafted wooden furniture and specialise in manufacturing a range of collections. They’re bound to add an interested and bold artistic twist to the interior of your home. Reclaimed wood furniture styles incorporate beauty and naturally formed patterns, as well as embracing the environment and adding unique and contemporary twists to furniture design.

Exotic Wood

This type of wood is a type of wood that you wouldn’t normally find domestically, they tend to be imported and have become a popular trend in wooden furniture. They come in different shades so you can pick something that works with your style. Exotic wood is typically hardwood so it’s durable and will provide a good finish, whether it’s dining tables, shelves or tables, there’s lots of different styles on the market.

Wooden Kitchen

Incorporating wood into your kitchen will provide an elegant look, you could have wooden cabinets and shelves installed, as well as wooden wall or cover for your stove. The look will provide more depth to the kitchen and a warm feel, we recommend going warm with wood tones, but even if you consider darker tones, you’re sure to love your kitchen.