Fire & Building Regulations for Timber Staircases

Using Timber Stairs in New Build Properties

Current Fire and Building Regulations state that any new build property that is over 3 storeys high and only has one escape stairway should make sure that the staircase is constructed of materials that have limited combustibility. Research studies have shown that timber staircases can provide a safe and adequate means of escape; should a fire break out.

Any building above 6 storeys high or with a top floor that is above 18m from ground level shouldn’t use a timber staircase. There are many different types of timber available and many of which are designed to be highly durable and have limited combustibility. Further information relating to timber staircases and fire conditions can be found here.

How Can I Make A Staircase Safer To Use?

If you have a timber staircase and you’re worried about how safe and reliable it will be during a fire, then you should consider other types of fire safety measures. Many homes and properties might have things such as fire extinguishers, but these would only provide temporary relief against a severe fire. Choosing to invest in further fire safety measures such as sprinkler systems, will help to provide constant relief against fires, allowing for easy escape.

Many new build properties, will come with the option of adding extra fire safety measures such as sprinklers; as they provide one of the best and most reliable ways to protect against the spreading of fires. Using a range of fire safety measures in conjunction with quality timber staircases will help to ensure that your property and the people in it are kept safe in the event of a fire.

What Type Of Timber Should I Choose For My Staircase?

When it comes to the construction of staircases, there are a number of different timber choices to choose from. One of the most common staircase timbers is pine, however there are many different choices available such as oak, ash, mahogany and many more. It’s not just about the timber you choose, you should also consider things such as how the bannister is designed and what safety is in place. Metal rails are more likely to heat up during a fire, whereas wood is more resistant to heat. When it comes to constructing staircases, one of the Archway Joinery team will work closely with you to help you choose the best type of material for your staircase.