Cottage Window Replacement

Wooden Window Replacements from Archway Joinery


Archway Joinery provide a specialist range of wooden joinery services, including the design and manufacture of wooden staircases, conservatories, windows or doors. We feel that we provide the highest standard of bespoke joinery and carpentry services in Bedfordshire, and to prove this, we have sought to showcase some of our recent work.


Below, you will see an example of an instance where we asked to manufacture and install wooden windows.


Over the years, we have installed many wooden windows in Bedfordshire, and we feel now would be the best time to start showing you the work we have done. Archway Joinery would like to show you the level of work that is involved in each of our projects and by giving an example, you can see for yourself just how beautiful the work really is.


Recently, Archway Joinery had the pleasure of transforming a stunning cottage by replacing their windows. This picture shows the final result and how all the windows and doors styles match and work well with the cottages humble design.


The windows in questions are hardwood painted windows with 24mm sealed units. Archway Joinery used water based paint for a spray finish, to provide a superior look, which is also a kinder finish for the environment (water based instead of solvent based). Not only is the paint we use environmentally friendly, our window glass is too!


The windows Archway Joinery manufacture are made from energy efficient glass. By having energy efficient windows, it can help decrease your energy bills, as well as giving you a smaller carbon footprint. Energy efficient windows are also a brilliant choice as they help to trap heat inside your home in an effort to prevent any heat loss. Archway Joinery believe that by having energy efficient windows, it can save you money with bills, help to keep your home lovely and warm, as well as make your home look absolutely stunning.


Using paint, wood and glass, Archway Joinery have finished the windows intimately to match the existing cottage style. All pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly to create a timeless design that will look wonderful in many years to come.



To find out more information regarding Archway Joinery and our wooden window services, be sure to give us a call today on 01525 404 873, or check out our services on the rest of our website!