Top-Class Conservatory Installations in Bedford

If you are based in the Bedford area of Milton Keynes, then create more space in your home with Archway Joinery, we provide high quality conservatory installations and create more living space within your home. The addition of a bespoke conservatory is an exciting opportunity to be creative with design and break the tradition of other conventional rooms in your Bedford home, offering a completely unique atmosphere with unlimited uses.

Enjoy a natural hardwood conservatory with Archway Joinery for older properties, adding a wooden conservatory can add charm and character to fit perfectly within your Bedford home. We use Sapele hardwood for a quality finish each and every time, the wood we use is a natural resource from sustainable forests and is resistant to rot and moisture.

Some Of Our Work

Why Choose a Wooden Conservatory?

Nothing beats the stunning beauty of natural wood, and a timber conservatory makes a stunning addition to any style of property. Every Archway wooden conservatory is created individually, and your designer will guide you through your options, from the type of windows and doors to your own finishing touches. We build everything with your comfort zone and security in mind using your choice of energy efficient double or triple glazing to stop draughts and reduce outside noise, meaning you can enjoy your wooden conservatory in comfort all year round.

Full Design

Bring light and life into your home with a wooden conservatory. The smallest of spaces can create a unique addition to any home and can provide much needed additional space, conservatories is frequently created in the most unlikely of places and a useful room can be built in a previously unused part of a courtyard or garden. Filling an awkward space with an attractive function room, no matter how small a great investment can be especially when space is limited. Archway Joinery is happy to help make your dream property come to life, our bespoke wooden conservatories can be built in any colour to suit your taste – give one of our friendly team members a call today and ask how we can help make your dream property come to life!

Extend Your Home

Add value to your home with Archway Joinery. We carry out the complete service from groundwork through to adding the final touches, for a bespoke hardwood conservatory our experts take care of all the hard work. This process includes;

  • Digging Footings
  • Putting in Walls
  • Putting Down Floor
  • Installing Glazing/Timber Windows

By enhancing the appearance of your home by using environmentally friendly products, choosing bespoke joinery can make an amazing difference to your home with many reasons and benefits for choosing bespoke joinery.

Hardwood Conservatory Installation

Bespoke Design Service

Our bespoke design service allows us to create both traditional and contemporary wooden conservatories, resulting in a unique addition to any home. Whether you are improving a modern house or extending a period property, you can expect the same consistent quality from Archway Joinery.

No matter what your design requirements are or the look you are aiming to achieve, leaving you with a well-designed conservatory extension that you can enjoy for many years to come, creating a seamless link between the interiors of your home, with an exterior space in which you, your friends and family can all enjoy.

Add Extra Space to your Home

You may be worried that you already don’t have much space for a conservatory and that installing one will take up extra space. The smallest of areas may be utilised to create a beautiful and unique extension, which will provide you with much needed additional space. A conservatory of more modest proportions can be a treasured and valuable room.… somewhere that will become the ‘heart’ of your home and where you will want to spend time. Stunning conservatories are frequently created in the most unlikely places and a valuable extra room can be built in a previously unused part of a courtyard or garden. Filling an awkward area or dark recess with an attractive functional conservatory, no matter how small, is a great investment particularly when ground space is at a premium

In towns and cities, where many houses and flats have living accommodation and gardens that are small, every square metre is an asset that you can use to improve both the quality of your life and the value of your property. Adding a conservatory will give you precious extra living accommodation or even room for a home office. We have designed and built many glazed structures for city properties – extensions to basement flats, additions to first and second floor apartments and even on rooftops. Each one brings the valuable bonus of extra space as well as allowing light to flood through sometimes dark interiors.

It’s of primary importance that your conservatory design is sympathetic to your existing property. Simply picking out an architectural detail from your property, and mirroring it within the conservatory, can make the new addition look as if it has always been there. This creates a unity and flow between the old and new parts, creating a timeless quality.

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Why Choose Archway Joinery for your Hardwood Conservatories

Contact Archway Joinery for bespoke conservatory installations that will make your property stand out from the crowd. We have been building and designing wooden conservatories for customers throughout Bedford and the surrounding area for many years. No matter what type of style or window you might require, we have all of your needs covered. If you are looking for wooden conservatories in Bedford or the surrounding area, then choose Archway Joinery;

  • * Cost Effective Service
  • * No Job is too Big or Small for our Team
  • * Bespoke Wooden Conservatory Design
  • * Well – Known for the Service we Provide
  • * Years of Experience within the Industry

If you would like more information on our bespoke wooden conservatories or to arrange to have some installed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members today! One of our Archway Joinery team members is always on hand to help and assist.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wooden Doors in Bedford

One of our most frequently asked questions is what is the difference between a conservatory & an orangery? This simplest explanation is that a conservatory has a fully glazed, pitched roof, which rests on the external side frames; whereas an orangery has a solid flat roof, with either one of these several glazed roof lanterns set into it.

In the Georgian and Victorian eras, glass houses where extremely popular and mainly used as garden rooms for the over-wintering of plants and for hosting afternoon tea or garden parties during summer months.
Today conservatories fulfil a much wider variety of functions such as:

  • Dining Areas
  • Reading Rooms
  • Hobby Spaces
  • Sitting Rooms
  • Studios
  • Kitchen Extensions
  • Tranquil place to practice Yoga

At Archway Joinery we offer you the opportunity to collaborate with our designers and architects to create a room that will fulfil the potential of unused, or underused space, transforming it into one of the most interesting and useful rooms in your home.

A correctly designed and constructed conservatory should most certainly be a year-round room. In the past, some conservatories had a reputation of being perfect places in summer, but cold and draughty in winter.

However, a high specification conservatory with appropriate glass, heating and insulation is an ideal place to work, play, dine, relax and entertain 365-days a year.

At Archway Joinery all of our conservatories are constructed using high-quality hardwood and built to last as long as the house to which they are attached. Our in-house paint shop ensures that the conservatories are fully treated with a long-lasting paint finish, before leaving the factory. We are the only conservatory company to offer the option of a life-time maintenance contract to all our clients.

At every stage in the design process we recognise that consistent, easy maintenance is of paramount importance. Archway Joinery’s external roof sections and gutters are finished with aluminium powder coating, which is maintenance free. The timber framework is easily maintained and can be kept in good condition by simply washing them with warm water and detergent on a six-month basis, to remove any atmospheric pollution. Periodic touch up of the paintwork is advised, with the timescale dependent on location.

However, we offer an optional maintenance contract to all our customers, so that this can be undertaken on an annual basis, by our skilled technicians. The specification of every component in each conservatory is retained in our database, so that a replacement of parts is quick and easy.

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Bespoke Hardwood Conservatories

If you are in need of a unique and charming hardwood conservatory in Bedford or the surrounding areas, then be sure to get in touch with Archway Joinery. No matter what your unique wooden conservatory needs might be, we have all of your needs covered. For professional conservatory builds in Bedford be sure to get in touch with Archway Joinery today.