Bay Windows

What a great month March has been so far! With the Spring Equinox on March 20th, we’re really looking forward to both Spring and Summer now. They’re our favourite months of the year to work as we get to enjoy the beautiful (but sometimes rare) British sunshine. Focusing on one of our projects, we’re going to take a look at some bay windows we completed for a client. With the history of the property being a main factor of the work, we wanted to re-enforce this by making a statement piece at the front of the home. Let’s see how we got on!

Window Installation

We have worked on several windows in our time, from improving the quality of finished to resizing the window. Our skills enable us to produce such a high standard of finish with all of our joinery work. From window installations right through to our staircase installation service, we’re here to make sure that your home is exactly how you would like it. Impressions matter, so if your home isn’t giving off the right look for you, we can help fix that. Our joiners are trained, experienced and skilled to deal with a range of carpentry requirements. So if the idea of revamping your home appeals to you, come to Archway Joinery for the best quality finish, we won’t disappoint!

How Did it Go?

Excellent! We really enjoyed this project from start to finish and it was a real pleasure to complete. The property now showcases these wonderful windows and it has became a great asset to the property. We always love completing joinery work for clients, no matter how complex or minor the project is, we really do enjoy getting to see the finished result. It is immensely satisfying being able to watch the property improve and change in such a way.

Important Information

This project took a lot of hard work in order to complete it to the standard it has been produced at. With various techniques, skills and finishes used to achieve this look, we have listed some of the most important points about this way window installation.

  • Bay windows
  • Triple glazed windows
  • Hardwood painted white
  • Surrounding colour is painted a Farrow & Ball colour
  • Sliding sash style windows all drought proofed
  • Fitted with spring sash balances
  • Beautiful asset to the property

Contact Archway Joinery

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