5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Staircase

There are many ways that you can rejuvenate the look and feel of your staircase or hallway/landing area. Giving your home a fresh, new look can work wonders on the overall style of your home, and starting with the staircase is the perfect place to start!

The staircase often either runs through the centre of the house, or is the first part of the house you see when you walk in, meaning updating your staircase can have huge impacts on the look of your home.

If your staircase could do with some love and attention, here are out top 5 ways to bring a fresh lease of life into your home.

How to rejuvenate your staircase…

Add a Hardwood Cap or Handrail

Adding a hardwood cap or handrail to a stair case can create a beautiful contrast among colours and add a new feature piece. Hardwood creates a beautiful and lasting stylish finish so is a great way to inject some life into your staircase. If you keep the natural finish of the wood contrasting with the spindles then you create a stunning visual effect that will lift the area.

Using natural materials such as hardwood is a great way to add a calming effect on your home, as natural woods evoke feelings of nature, as well as traditional and elegant style.

Update your Spindles

Updating the spindles of your staircase could be the easiest way to update your staircase. With standard staircases, you often get the standard set of stair spindles, however changing these is the best way to inject some personality into your staircase. You can easily swap the spindles out for straight edged modern spindles or more traditional shapes to evoke that classic style.

You can also mix and match styles of spindles to add even more personality to your staircase.

Create a New Feature Step

The first impression to your staircase can be the first step of your staircase. You can change the first sep of your staircase by changing the newel and adding in a new shape or style of step as that first element of your stairway.

If you have the space at the bottom of your staircase, you can add a D-End step to the staircase, or even a bespoke made wooden step to give the overall design a new flow.

Give It a New Finish

A very common reason for your stairway or staircase to look worn and tired is the existing paint or polish not being refreshed for a while. You could be amazed by the effects of a fresh coat of paint or varnish to bring out the natural grain of the wood.

To achieve a completely new look thats unique, why not try experimenting with different colours such as grey or navy to give your home a modern and contemporary twist.

Try Modern Day Materials

One of the upcoming ways to rejuvenate your stairway is to swap the spindles out all together and opt for a new material…glass. Having free hold glass inserted into the area where the spindles would normally stand, means you can ave a stylish and contemporary style. Using glass for your stairway means light can bounce through the entire stairway and create a wonderful, airy feel for your home. Finishing this off with Chrome attachments is the perfect way to top off the stylish design.

Your New Staircase

Rejuvenating your staircase can be a straightforward task to take on if you know what you want to achieve, but if you’re not sure, then try searching for different styles and narrowing down your options for the space you have available.