5 Ways to Improve your Home

Looking for new ways to spruce up your home without spending a lot of money, whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or you’d like to improve it for your own enjoyment, we’ve got some top tips to help…

New windows

New double glazed PVCu windows are one way to enhance your property, they require little maintenance and are energy efficient and depending on the design and installation they can be very secure. Exterior aesthetics are a significant factor when it comes to your home, so it’s important to assess your windows then should it be required have them replaced with an energy efficient design and installation.

Add a conservatory

A conservatory is a great way to improve your home by adding on an extra space and extra room. It can be designed and installed to integrate into the layout of your property. Basic conservatories don’t require planning permission so they’re quite simple to organise. Bigger types of conservatories will though so you may need to do some research into this. Either way it’s vital that you stick to a good design, you should include energy efficient floors and glazing, this way you can use the conservatory all year round and not just in the summer months.

New doors

Front doors tend to be at the top of the ‘kerb appeal’ list, they’re the entry to your home and are primarily responsible for giving people a first impression of your home. Door colour has the ability to deliver a welcome in ways that other aspects of your home’s façade cant, so it’s important that you choose carefully. If you opt for a traditional door design, there’s always the opportunity to brighten things up with decorative glass and door handles as well as security features that’ll help keep your home safe.

New staircases

We spend so much time running up and down our staircases that we probably don’t give them the attention they deserve, however they do play a major role in the look and feel of our homes. There’s so many staircase designs around that almost anything goes. So depending on the style of your home you can choose from traditional or contemporary options. There are so many ways of improving your staircase, whether you replace it with a new one altogether or you have a small budget and decide to renovate your old one.

New roof

Roofs are easy to forget about when it comes to the home improvement scale as they often feel like a big project where not much can be done with them easily. By injecting your roof with new life isn’t as hard as you may think. If you don’t want to change the whole roof through a new roofing installation you could replace the roof trim or guttering, simply improvements which will give your home’s appearance a complete refresh.