Things To Consider When Securing Your Doors and Windows


Home Security Is Very Important

Doors and windows are the main entry point for burglars looking to enter your home and take what is rightfully yours. Ensuring that your windows and doors are as secure as possible can really help to deter burglars, which is why it’s important to keep your door and window locks in peak condition. There are a lot of things to think about when you are securing your doors and windows properly, so we’ve decided to outline a few of the key ones below. Things to consider when securing your doors and windows include:

Are They Fixed To Their Frames?

Doors and windows can come loose from their frames sometimes, which may seem like a small issue but can have huge consequences. If your door or window frames become damaged or loose from the wall, you should really call a locksmith to get them fixed and fitted properly with strong screws or bolts. If you don’ fix this problem, having a good lock won’t make a slight bit of difference.

Can You Afford A Good Lock?

If the windows and doors are properly fitted to their frames, it’s important to purchase a good lock. A secure lock can be quite expensive, so it’s vital that you consider your funds and try to save a little bit of money before purchasing. It can be quite off-putting when looking at expensive locks, but it’s really worth it in the long run. After all, would you rather splash the cash for a good lock or regret not buying one if your home is burgled? Good locks can be a great deterrent for burglars; if they are unable to remove the lock easily, they are much more likely to remove themselves from your property as they run the risk of being caught if they spend a lot of time trying to prise the lock from your doors and windows.

What Are The Dimensions Of Your Door?

Before purchasing door security equipment, you should know what the dimensions of your doors are; remember, not every single door is the same. You should start by measuring the thickness, height and width of your door in order to choose the best security equipment for your door. We recommend looking for a door security bar or jammer that adjusts to make sure that it fits your door and the other doors around your property.

The Installation Of The Equipment

When you have chosen your security equipment, you should then think about how you are going to install the equipment itself. Some security bars can be pressure-mounted by just angling the bar less than an inch from the door and connecting it to the doorknob itself. Pressure-mounted door security equipment is ideal for travelling or rental properties as they require little-to-no installation. On the other hand, hardware-mounted door and window security equipment is known to be a lot more durable but requires a professional installation service and drilling to keep the jammer or lock in place.

A Few Security Tips

We can offer a few tips relating to home security that can help to protect your home from unwanted guests:

  • Lock Your Doors and Windows – Even if you have added security on your doors and windows, you should always keep your doors and windows locked to prevent lurkers from entering your home even easier.
  • Protect Your Sliding Doors – If you have sliding doors in your home, you need to make sure that they are made from reinforced glass or even plastic (polycarbonate), and not thin, easy-to-break glass. We recommend also placing a wooden or metal dowel in the track, to prevent forced entry. Curtains are another great thing to consider, they will stop people seeing inside of your home.
  • Go Windowless – Windowless doors, crazy right?! Well, they are more common than you realise. Door windows allow light to filter into your home but also pose a security risk. If the window is within arm’s reach of your door lock, it’s a lot easier for someone to break in if the glass is broken.
  • Install A DeadboltDoors are only as strong as their lock. Deadbolt locks can add much-needed security by only opening with a rotating key without the spring that most standard locks have. They are known to resist force better than most, and can usually only be opened from the inside if you do not have a working key.

We Hope We’ve Helped!

We hope that the information that we have provided in this article has helped you protect your home from intruders. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact our friendly team today.