• Cottage Window Replacement
    Cottage Window Replacement

    Wooden Window Replacements from Archway Joinery   Archway Joinery provide a specialist range of wooden joinery services, including the design and manufacture of wooden staircases, conservatories, windows or doors. We feel that we provide the highest standard of bespoke joinery and carpentry services in Bedfordshire, and to prove this, we have sought to showcase some of our recent work.   Below, you will see an example of an instance where we asked to manufacture and install wooden windows.   Over the years, we have installed many wooden windows in Bedfordshire, and we feel now would be the best time to start showing you the work we have done. Archway Joinery would like to show you the level of work that is involved in each of our projects and by giving an example, you can see for yourself just how beautiful the work really is.   Recently, Archway Joinery had the pleasure of transforming a stunning cottage by replacing their windows. This picture shows the final result and how all the windows and doors styles match and work well with the cottages humble design.   The windows in questions are hardwood painted windows with 24mm sealed units. Archway Joinery used water based paint....

  • ‘Spot The Difference’ – Wooden Windows
    ‘Spot The Difference’ – Wooden Windows

    Archway Joinery Ltd are always up for having fun, and would like to play a little game of ‘spot the difference’. We have recently completed a wooden windows project and think it would be fun to spot the difference with the before and after images.   The wooden windows we recently transformed are amazing lookalikes from the previous set of windows. The new window however, offers a safer and more secure type of window, even though at first glance you might think they are exactly the same. Ignoring the most obvious differences of the two images, like the men in the window or the angle which the image is taken, you can see the immense transformation it has gone through, whilst staying remarkably similar to the previous window.   The first photograph, shows a 100 year old original bay window, whilst the second is a hardwood, double glazed window lookalike of the previous. The new window is now up to the current regulation C rated for thermal value, with locking ironmongery that has been added for security. It’s hard to see just by looking at the two photographs just how much of an improvement this window has had, but the....

  • Wooden Door Installations
    Wooden Door Installations

    Archway Joinery have recently completed two more stunning door installations in the Bedfordshire area. Both of the wooden doors came with different requirements from the customer, but have resulted in equally amazing outcomes! Please take the time to look at the two doors we have completed. The results of both are incredible. Both of these wooden doors are made with hardwood timber from sustainable forestry, meaning they are extremely environmentally friendly and easy on the eye. The wooden doors and the glass within them are 24mm sealed units argon gas filled with low emission glass and with the individually selected choice of paint or stain finish from each client. In these two examples, the client which chose a grey finish to their wooden door opted for a plain glass, and the other client with the brown finish chose to have a stained finish on their glass. Both of which we believe have stunning results both with and without that little extra touch. These wooden doors had a water based paint spray finish in their two chosen colours, which will last for 7-8 years. The spray we use here at Archway Joinery is kinder on the environment than a lot of other finishes found....

  • New Wooden Staircase Installation
    New Wooden Staircase Installation

    Wooden Staircase Archway Joinery have recently completed this outstanding wooden staircase installation and have satisfied another very happy customer! This recent wooden staircase was made from European oak from the best sustainable forestry. This gives the staircase a high quality finish that will remain attractive for many years to come. Please take the time to check out the photographs and read over the features of this glorious wooden staircase which was recently installed by Archway Joinery. See for yourself the high quality craftsmanship we have to offer. Archway Joinery are rather proud of the finish of this wooden staircase and would like to showcase the quality to our customers for assurance of the top standard work we produce. Features of our recent Wooden Staircase Installation It goes without saying that the wooden staircase we recently installed is stunning. With this installation there are many features and benefits it has to offer. Just a few of the amazing features of this wooden staircase installation includes: Being made from European Oak from sustainable forestry 10mm safety glass with polished edges Natural oil finish Carpet to centre Double set staircase going up to two floors From the photographs provided you can see that....

  • Traditional Sliding Sash Windows
    Traditional Sliding Sash Windows

    Window Installations with Archway Joinery This month the team at Archway Joinery have been working extremely hard on a client’s sliding sash windows. These windows offer a traditional but contemporary look on the home. We have upgraded the windows of this home, which not only enhance the exterior of the property, but the interior too. You can see for yourself that these windows are simple but elegant, resulting in a smart, pristine finish for the property in question. If you are looking for a beneficial way to improve both the inside and outside of your home in Bedfordshire, be sure to call upon the professionals at Archway Joinery for an expert finish. Advantages of Having Sliding Sash Windows There are various benefits and advantages through having sliding sash windows, be it the appearance or the hidden factors it brings. Archway Joinery love the look that the windows have given to the entire property and it is clearly visible that they have given a real upgrade to the property. Some advantages that come with having sliding sash windows installed in your home include: Triple glazing windows Increased thermal value Better sound insulation Hardwood painted white – which won’t need repainting for 8 years! Painted with water based....

  • Super Solid Oak Windows
    Super Solid Oak Windows

    Here at Archway Joinery we have recently finished a stunning barn conversion where we upgraded and updated the windows and doors to this property. As you will see by the photographs, the barn has seen a vast improvement to its appearance and has not only put an added lift to the windows and doors but the entire home too. Our team have worked extremely hard at this project, and the quality of the finish only proves this. The barns windows and doors now look phenomenal, giving a modernised, simplistic finish to the entire property. This has given the barn a new lease of life, allowing the owners to fully enjoy the results for many, many years to come. See below the features and benefits our solid oak window and doors provide. We hope you like the improvements as much as us! Features of the Solid Oak Windows and Doors This particular solid oak window and door improvement has been done with double glazed glass with 24mm sealed united. The argon glass has been filled with low ‘e’ glass, giving a pristine finish to each window and door. The wood has been treated with antique pine stain to maintain it’s character....

  • Hardwood Door & Frame
    Hardwood Door & Frame

    After another busy month with doing various jobs and projects, here is another excellent example of the work we have recently completed. In this particular case, this is a hardwood door and frame that has been designed with a cottage style finish. This gives an incredible periodic and simplistic feel to the door, whilst it also is extremely hard wearing and durable. The door itself has been paint finished and Black Old English ironmongery fitted. This allows a safe and secure fitting to the door, giving extra protection to this certain property. Offering a simple and attractive finish to this property, this bespoke wooden door has been painted with environmentally friendly paint, giving a long lasting and durable finish to the door. The paint itself should last for many years with the right level of care, along with the door that has the potential to last for a number of years after with the right treatment and attention. Hardwood Door Options With a variety of options to choose from when it comes to your bespoke wooden doors in Bedfordshire, the opportunities for the entrance your home provides is close to endless. Whether you are looking for a simplistic or bold....

  • Hardwood Doors & Windows
    Hardwood Doors & Windows

    After another great month of joinery and carpentry, our team here at Archway Joinery have completed some outstanding finishes to our clients requests. From windows to doors, staircases to conservatories, we know just about all there is to know when it comes down to joinery work in Bedfordshire. No matter your thoughts and ideas, Archway Joinery will always be around to achieve an exceptional standard to all your joinery work, leaving you utterly amazed and impressed at just how good we are!

  • Orangery Window Installation
    Orangery Window Installation

    This month, Archway Joinery have been putting a lot of hard work into our wooden window service, this one in particular has caught our eye. As you can see from the stunning images provided, we have worked just as hard as we do in the rest of our projects but this one has left an unbelievable finish to this client’s property. Our standard of work was very pleasing to the client and they were just as impressed as what we are with the high quality work we deliver. With this hardwood door installation being described as “visually pleasing” and “an outstanding asset to the property”. Archway Joinery are extremely happy and satisfied of the current orangery window installation we completed for a client in Bedfordshire. If you would like to take a look at our list of testimonials we have developed over the years please do not hesitate on taking a look here. Take a look through this blog for the to discover the features and hidden details which have gone into creating this superb orangery window installation. Archway Joinery hope that you thoroughly enjoy the images and information on our recent work and hope for you to choose us....

  • French Doors
    French Doors

    After another amazing month of working, our team have gathered together not one but two examples of our work for this month. This June Archway Joinery will be focusing on two examples of French doors we have been working on. Both of which are beautiful in their own right and are a great asset to each property. Each client had different goals for their French door, one asked for a door fitted with windows from the top to the bottom or the door, whereas our other client asked to have only windows covering just over half of the door. From the images provided, you can see for yourself just how truly remarkable both these doors are and how they are not only fit for purpose, but are extremely attractive too. Come and discover the amazing features of both these French doors alongside images of the finished results. So if you’re looking for looking to make the most of your property in Bedfordshire, look no further than Archway Joinery for all your joinery and carpentry services. A member of our team will be more than happy to help and provide any information necessary. Key Features The two doors which are featured within....