Porch Installation

Well, Happy New Year everyone! We hope that you have had a fantastic time last year and here’s to the future of 2017. We have kick started the new year with an example of work we have completed to a porch in Bedfordshire. To think that this property didn’t always come with a porch, it’s amazing to see how much it’s brought the whole of the property together. With plans to paint the home a clean white colour, we believe that the finished result of this home is going to be mind blowing for anyone passing by.

How It’s Done

To start off with, the porch has been assembled using Character Oak with a Oslo oil finish to the timber itself. This has left a lovely shade to the entire porch and works well against the bricks below. Once the whole of the property has been painted, this timber will show its true colours as it will look stunning against a solid white.

Not only has the porch became a new way to showcase the entrance of the home on arrival, it has also became an asset to the home too. This therefore improves the look of the home and is much more appealing to guests and even when it comes to selling the property. We have loved working on this build and watching everything come together.

In order to support the timber of the porch, we added a slate roof so that it left a smart and pristine finish to the appearance. Not only that, all of the glass we used was clear glazing, making the entrance look warm and welcoming. The oak door itself has been given a side window with double glazing. We believe that the finish of the glazing works well and is parallel to the rest of the property as it also supports clear glazing too.

Points of Interest

To summarise the work we have completed on this porch installation, we believe that the most important points of our work are:

  • Character oak with oslo oil finish
  • Slate roof
  • Clear glazing
  • Front door matched with side window
  • Double glazing in front and side window
  • A huge asset to the entire property, fixing everything together nicely

What did you think of this month’s work? We hope you enjoyed it! Our team loved working on it and found the project itself so rewarding after seeing the results. If you’re interested in having something similar done to your property or would like to share your thoughts to us, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you. Archway Joinery are always keen and eager to take on new joinery work, be it a conservatory or window installation. No matter what, we’ll always be there to take care of your joinery and carpentry work!