What Is Joinery?

The Definition of Joinery Look around you, you are bound to see several products made from wood. Yet there are still many people who question, what is joinery? Joinery is a skilled trade which involves constructing furniture, houses, ships, offices, shops. This usually involves materials such as wood and timber but can often incorporate other […]

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Sapele Hardwood Windows

Sapele Hardwood Windows With another month almost completed, we’re looking forward to sharing one of our recent projects with you. This time, it has been an installation of Sapele hardwood painted white windows. These windows have made a huge difference to both the property and the owners. Having approached us to complete this installation to […]

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Single Glazed Replacement Window

Single Glazed Replacement Window Hello Summer! As we’re approaching the hotter temperatures we want to showcase some of our latest works with you all. The project we are focusing on this month is a traditional hardwood bay windows. The window was replacing one in a listed building so had to be single glazed, this has […]

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