Bespoke Joinery – The Garden Room of your Dreams

If you’re looking to extend the space in your home, Archway Joinery has got you covered, we provide garden room installations, helping to make your home come alive and provide you with a whole new living space to relax, work and spend time in. The wooden garden rooms that we offer will be designed to complement your existing decor and become a great addition to your property.  

At Archway Joinery, our team of designers will give you the garden room extension that you’ve always wanted. Garden rooms are the modern answer to those people who’d like a stylish home extension and there are lots of ways you can use the extra space.

Create New Space with a Garden Room Installation


Home Office

Working from home is becoming a more popular choice and companies are offering more flexible working, with some taking the jump and working for themselves. A garden room is a perfect place to work in peace and quiet, it’s also kept separate from your home life and all its distractions. 


Bar Area

If you regularly entertain guests in your home, having a dedicated space that you can open up to enjoy your garden during the Spring and Summer. 


Children’s Playroom

If you’re running out of room for your children to lay in, you could consider converting your garden into a play area, being close to the garden is also a bonus over the Summer months. 


Garden Lounge

Spend time away from the stresses of day to day life by creating a lounge area, having an exclusive area just to switch off could have plenty of benefits for your mind and wellbeing.


Sensory Space

Sensory rooms are designed specifically to develop a person’s senses through lighting, music and objects which are frequently used for children with limited communication skills.


Home Gym

If you prefer to workout at home with the views of your glorious garden then a home gym could be the solution.


Home Spa

Instead of working out, you could consider using the garden room as your own personal spa, relax, unwind and relieve any stress with a candlelit paradise complemented with scented oil and incense. 


Memorabilia Room

If you’re a collector of film or music memorabilia, you can use your new garden room to create a collection of dream item.


Another Bedroom

It’s not becoming cheaper to extend rather than move home, so you could use this as another bedroom if you’ve got guests or a relative visiting you.